Coop and the Chicken Pluckers

  • Coop and the Chicken Pluckers
  • Genre
  • Date
    Sunday 08/13/2017
  • Time
    11:40 AM - 12:20 PM
  • Place
    Linden Street Stage
  • This quartet of seasoned Front Range musicians plays a high energy mix of rockabilly, hillbilly, rhythm and blues and traditional country styles. As recording artists they bring a generous portion of exciting original songs to their shows, all with a distinctly American feel. Their live show is a raucous blend of tight instrumental and vocal virtuosity laced with an unpretentious, playful sense of humor. They bring a smile to their audience and use their polished sound and tongue and cheek spontaneity to produce a fun experience for all.

    Front man, singer and songwriter Les Cooper is the tip of the spear. He brings wit and charm to the show along with his strong lead vocals and solid rhythm guitar. He loves to interact with the audience and pull them in with relaxed and spontaneous humor. His song writing is smart, clever and fun.

    Lead guitarist, Dave Devore amazes audiences with his tasteful and jaw dropping skill. His guitar adds a fascinating counterpoint to Les' powerful melodies. Dave is truly among the best honkey-tonk guitarists in Colorado.

    Upright bassist, Mark Verschoor energizes the sound with powerful bass work and a slapping style that drives the band forward. His playing is the epitome of rockabilly bass and his showmanship on stage adds a visual effect that must be seen to be appreciated.

    Drummer, Ken Raikes is the engine under the hot rod hood. His drumming is precise and brings a jazzy swing to the music that helps make the Chicken Plucker sound unique among rockabilly bands.
    The four players all sing together to create rich and satisfying vocal harmonies.