• 2MX2
  • Genre
    Latin Hip-Hop
  • Date
    Saturday 08/13/2016
  • Time
    3:10 PM - 3:50 PM
  • Place
    Linden Street Stage
  • 2MX2 is an alternative hip-hop band out of Denver, Colorado. They are well-known for their modern renditions of traditional Latin music as well as their focus on the political and social matters of our times. The band consists of members Owen Trujillo and Juice E.T. Hugo. Both members are bilingual emcees with a strong passion for empowering lyrics that aim to turn challenging life experiences into tools for inspiration, empowerment, healing, education and motivation.

    Trujillo, a native of Zacatecas, Mexico, migrated to the United States as a child in search of medical treatment for his younger brother and often speaks about his struggle growing up in a society that fostered cultural shame. Hugo, born in Denver, Colorado, speaks passionately about his fight with cancer, which lead him to become a health advocate and inspired him to study holistic health.

    2MX2 spent part of 2015 with the Flobots on the "€œDeTour"€ tour, which brought workshops and concerts to small communities throughout Colorado. Also notable include national television appearances, international concert appearances, and a spot at 2014’s South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

    2MX2 plans to spend this summer traveling North America in support of their new album, forthcoming in October 2016.