Gipsy Moon

  • Gipsy Moon
  • Genre
  • Date
    Friday 08/11/2017
  • Time
    5:00 PM - 5:40 PM
  • Place
    Mountain Avenue Stage
  • Gipsy Moon is a five-piece group of artists on an endless musical journey, sharing songs with the
    hopes of planting inspiration into the soul, starting a fire in the heart, and building community that
    invokes love in its wildest manifestations. They are an innovative folk-group of five from the
    mountains of Nederland, Colorado. Original material mixed with old world-traditionals, Gipsy
    Moon provides a full spectrum of musical styles. One moment you'll be kicking up your heels to
    a folk melody, the next you'll be ready to tango. “We have one foot in performing arts and another
    foot in the party realm”, says mandolin player Silas Herman. Ask around at any live performance
    about Gipsy Moon's sound and you will get answers as various as, Newgrass, Jazz, Bohemian-
    Pop, Retro-Slavic, and Eastern-European'; but any die-hard fan can sum it all up simply
    as, Gipsygrass.
    Gipsy Moon is; lead vocalist Mackenzie Page (also providing guitar and tenor banjo), Silas
    Herman on mandolin, Cellist Andrew Conley, Matt Cantor on bass and back-up vocals, and Omar
    Al'Tbal on percussion. Each of the five members have a hand in the song writing process,
    frequently passing the baton. Mackenzie sings with a voice that is all her own, one reminiscent of
    smoke filled speakeasies and Latina cobblestone streets. In Silas's hands, the mandolin can speak
    any musical language with solos that sing of a summer day. Matt's rhythms dance through the
    crowd while his fingers disappear across the large stand-up bass. Andrew's melodies mesmerize
    with classic backbone and contemporary spirit, and Omar holds the whole thing together with
    rhythms to make one dance. Their combined natural sound strikes at the heart of life, sorrow, love,
    and hope. One cannot help but sing along, full of love with every word.