Last Call Romance

  • Last Call Romance
  • Genre
    Americana Rockabilly
  • Date
    Saturday 08/13/2016
  • Time
    1:55 PM - 2:35 PM
  • Place
    Linden Street Stage
  • Before meeting, Chris and Emily Winters had given up on true romance. Upon finding one another, they understood this would be their last call for romance.

    Now married, they have assembled Last Call Romance, a Fort Collins-based band with Ian Morrison on lead guitar, Dave Bauer on upright bass and Brad Chiodo on drums. They perform their own roots/rock blend of rockabilly, blues and classic-country.

    Their music has been described as having "€œa vintage feel to it all, without a distinct era to connect it to." -Blue Suede News Magazine.

    Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the band strives for an old-fashioned vibe and honest all-American sound that evokes a time when catchy, energetic tunes were heard on a car radio or at the dance hall. Elements of their music are reminiscent of the early works of Elvis, Johnny and June Cash, Carl Perkins and Patsy Cline.

    Tabitha Hernandez, of the described their performance as being "€œA sound straight from days past...this band sang original hits and had the audience cutting a rug; the masses bee-bopped and jived away to the beats."€

    The songs and show engage the audience with high energy emotional content, while avoiding the superficial focus of a money-driven modern world.

    No pyrotechnics here folks, just honest danceable songs.