Igaus Davis

  • Igaus Davis
  • Genre
  • Date
    Saturday 08/12/2017
  • Time
    11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Place
    Singer-Songwriters Stage
  • It’s a difficult thing trying to see your reflection in other people, with personas and perceptions continually shifting like wind. A different approach and valuable perspective, is to look for yourself in the greater framework of things that populates the Earth. With no façade to try to peer through and with an ancient yet consistent order of being, nature serves as a more stable metric within which we can understand our own selves, given that we are all composed of the same stuff, coexisting in the same space. At least, that is what the music of Igaus Davis believes in.
    Igaus’ earthy and gutsy lyrics seek to find the balance between hope and sorrow, confidence and questions, acceptance and defiance. A 9-piece band from northern Colorado, Igaus Davis has developed a sound that matches the intricacy and nuance built into the themes of its music. Pulling inspiration from artists like Oh Hellos, Gregory Alan Isakov, Beirut, and Noah Gundersen, Igaus combines traditional bluegrass instrumentation with horns to bring unique freshness to a centuries-old music genre.