Maxwell Mud

  • Maxwell Mud
  • Genre
  • Date
    Sunday 08/14/2016
  • Time
    12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • Place
    Mountain Avenue Stage
  • Electric guitarist Brian Kittrell (Rich with Friends) and bassist Kenny Jones (Rich with Friends, Blue Grama) have teamed up with drummer Kevin Johnson to form the rock €˜'n'€™ roll powerhouse Maxwell Mud. Drawing inspiration from decades of rock, soul and blues, Maxwell Mud delivers a sound as American as the Ford Mustang.

    Maxwell Mud is a trio of seasoned musicians from the Midwest who produce a rich, high-energy sound to go along with a sharp-dressed image. They are quickly gaining acclaim for their unrelenting rock 'n'€™ roll and classic style, catching the attention of rock 'n'€™ roll purists everywhere they play.

    Kittrell's songwriting is inspired heavily by the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but more so by the desire to keep the American culture of the blues alive and unforgotten. Not all he writes and performs is the blues, but he honors the art of storytelling, character building and expression of truth.

    Kittrell is excited about Maxwell Mud because it is original and diverse, and all three musicians are invested in the art. The songs pour out of him, then his two best friends are there to interpret and add to the music. The band is tight, yet a springboard for improvisation.

    Jones is a complex and unconventional rock musician. Highly-educated, classically trained and surprisingly underexposed to modern music as a child, this bassist has taken to all things rock 'n'€™ roll and bluegrass, drawing inspiration from Victor Wooten and Edgar Meyer.

    Maxwell Mud allows Jones to act in a traditional role of a filtering agent, while taking detours into melodies, contouring through the landscape of the songwriting.

    Johnson was influenced greatly by the tight, heavy sound of Led Zeppelin and projects by Josh Homme. He brings his versatility as a drummer to Maxwell Mud, able to relate to all parts because of his own musicianship as a guitarist, bassist, drummer and singer-songwriter.

    Johnson embraces putting his style into the trio in his own low-key way. He also really digs the fact that Maxwell Mud is a three-piece. This is his first time as a drummer in a band and he loves the dynamic. He enjoys watching Kittrell and Jones work together brilliantly, then throwing in his two cents to cap it off.