My Body Sings Electric

  • My Body Sings Electric
  • Genre
    Indie Pop
  • Date
    Saturday 08/13/2016
  • Time
    5:40 PM - 6:25 PM
  • Place
    Linden Street Stage
  • My Body Sings Electric'€™s music resonates with a sense of playfulness and lust for life. When you meet them in person, it's easy to see why. Call their music indie. Call it pop. Call it what you will. But when you connect with the music from this band of love-able misfits, you'll feel as if you just met your five new best friends.

    Pop-sensibility can be taboo in the indie world, but My Body Sings Electric does not leave you wanting more. With introspective lyrics, danceable rhythms, intricate instrumental work and dynamic live shows, they've crafted a fresh, energetic take on indie, pop and alternative rock.