• Nadalands
  • Genre
    Indie Folk
  • Date
    Sunday 08/14/2016
  • Time
    11:00 AM - 11:35 AM
  • Place
    Old Town Square Stage
  • In 2014, after years of going it alone, singer-songwriter John Lindenbaum decided it was time to reimagine Nadalands. He decided it was time to move beyond his days as a solo performer. Find a band. Hit the studio. Turn up the volume.

    It was a long time coming for Lindenbaum, who had previously performed in Rust Belt Music and continued to tour and release albums as half of The Lonelyhearts. Since 1999, John had periodically written and recorded solo EPs and named them after the holiday of their release date.

    These EPs featured dark imagery and vivid lyricism that brought to mind the Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Elliott Smith. After strumming his acoustic 12-string guitar at dozens of solo shows from San Francisco to New York City, Lindenbaum was ready to expand his sonic palate.

    In 2009, Lindenbaum moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Fort Collins, Colorado, a town in which he did not know a single soul. After playing solo shows as Nadalands for a small but devoted group of fans and friends in Fort Collins, Lindenbaum enlisted the two most consistent attendees as band members.

    The contributions of Benjamin Buttice (Sour Boy, Bitter Girl) and Matt Schild (The Morning Clouds) allowed Nadalands to transcend the typical indie singer-songwriter sound. The three members of Nadalands combine 12-string guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers into arrangements that evoke the post-rock soundscapes of Mogwai, electrified Americana of Uncle Tupelo, spooky melodies of "€œOK Computer"€ by Radiohead, the driving energy of the Clash, and the melancholy jangle of the Smiths.

    Nadalands's first EP as a full band, "€œThe Arbor Day,"€ was released in 2015.