Saja Butler

  • Saja Butler
  • Genre
    Folk Soul
  • Date
    Sunday 08/13/2017
  • Time
    1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
  • Place
    Singer-Songwriters Stage
  • I love Music. Been Playing for years. Started down South classically trained on the clarinet, then voice.
    I did both for years and was great at it.
    I then moved to Tennessee for college and needed to play something else.
    So, I went to a music store and played around on the Guitar and thought "Okay..."
    Then I picked up the Banjo.
    Love at first sight.
    I was conflicted at first.
    Why the hell is a Black chick so attracted to the banjo?
    I found out it was from the Senegambia region of Africa.
    "Right dismissed."
    I found the most amazing teacher in Knoxville, TN in 1999. I got lessons for him for about a year.
    He was a beautiful, many thousand year old middle aged man.
    I told him I was moving to Colorado in 2000. So he told me something that changed me.
    "Okay...before you move I want to teach you a few more things, because you'll be teaching this one day."
    My studio is 10 years old now.
    I've been playing banjo for 17 years.
    My music is soul filled and highly vibed for your pleasure and mine.
    I hope you enjoy it and thank you for droppin' in.