The Railsplitters

  • The Railsplitters
  • Genre
    Americana Bluegrass
  • Date
    Friday 08/12/2016
  • Time
    6:20 PM - 7:10 PM
  • Place
    Library Park Stage
  • Although they operate with the instrumentation of a bluegrass band, The Railsplitters are making music that is completely unlimited by tradition. This is music for the open road, the open dance floor and open ears–music of the American West that is made for everyone.

    Fresh off the success of their first album and taking first place in the RockyGrass Best New Band competition, The Railsplitters got busy touring across the U.S., and of course, spending hours together in the tour van! Traveling across the country, the five members drew from a wildly eclectic musical array that poured out of the van and onto the open highway. From boundary-breaking trip-hop and electronica groups like Gorillaz and Thievery Corporation, to more direct influences like the Infamous Stringdusters and Lake Street Dive, the musical potpourri heard during their time on the road began to seep into the band’s own music.

    Their new album "The Faster It Goes" uses new sounds to break the bonds of bluegrass and unleash tradition. Lauren Stovall and the rest of the 'Splitters suggest that drawing from your roots to evolve is at the heart of the genre, not unlike Bill Monroe, a musical innovator known as "the father of bluegrass." With their finger on the pulse, The Railsplitters are pushing the genre forward with an adventurous spirit, carrying in the tradition of breaking boundaries with their innovative sound.

    The Railsplitters' secret weapon is two-fold. First, the band benefits creatively from the innovative imagination of banjo player Dusty Rider's songwriting, who writes with the full band in mind and imagines an entire song in his head before it's ever heard out loud. Second, the powerfully distinct vocals of Lauren Stovall lend a voice as clean as Emmylou, as cutting as Allison Krauss and that carry some of the attitude of Dolly herself. Lauren's vocal lines fill The Railsplitters's sound with something distinct and undeniable.

    Part of the band's new color is also brought on by the newest member, Christine King. Her superb fiddling adds a driving force to the band's sound. The mandolin is masterfully executed by Peter Sharpe, while upright bassist Leslie Ziegler lends an innovative style. "The Faster It Goes" testifies to The Railsplitters' multifaceted and collaborative songwriting, giving voice to the impressive talents of its members and a cohesive character to the sound.