Write Minded

  • Write Minded
  • Genre
    Funk, Hip-Hop
  • Date
    Saturday 08/12/2017
  • Time
    3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
  • Place
    Mountain Avenue Stage
  • Write Minded was born when Sam and Jesse branched from a local hip-hop collective and began focusing on acoustic hip-hop. Jonah Greene hopped on the scene incorporating rhythm with drum and bongos. TurtleBear and Forrester merged with the crew from a short-lived psychedelic funk-rock band, and Wilson slid right in bringing tasty keys and synths synonymous with electronic hip-hop. These six musicians got together in hopes of putting together a wild set for a show that ended up falling through. However, what formed out of the experience was way more valuable. Things took off for the power group after the release of the Write Minded Demo. The band continued to write new material and just one year later, released their debut album, "Eye Above"..