Katie Glassman and Snapshot

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Katie Glassman and Snapshot

June 9, 2016

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Old Town Square
Old Town, Fort Collins

Western Swing

Katie Glassman and Snapshot marry the soul of old-time Western music with contemporary songwriting and musicianship.

With the release of their second album, “Dream a Little Dream,” in March of 2014, they are quickly becoming Colorado’s premier purveyors of both original and vintage Western Swing music.

The band’s first record, “Snapshot,” was released in 2012, and featured 16 of Glassman’s original songs, played by an all-star band of Denver’s top musicians. The release was followed by a year of touring festivals, performing arts centers, jazz clubs and more. In 2013, the road-tested group went into the studio as a quartet to record the current release, “Dream A Little Dream.” A true collaboration, this record is the sound of a band in full swing, featuring five original songs and a handful of chestnuts from the vintage American songbook. Recorded live in the studio, each member’s contribution shines. Eric Moon’s jazzy but retro piano and accordion, Charlie Mertens’ slapping and thumping bass and Greg Schochet’s 1940s guitar stylings are the perfect match for Katie’s formidable fiddle chops and stylish singing and songwriting.

Glassman began playing Western swing fiddle at the age of nine and has never looked back. Nationally renowned as a player and teacher, she has been nearly unbeatable on the contest circuit in recent years, winning the prestigious RockyGrass and Walnut Valley competitions in 2013, as well as the Colorado State Championship in 2014. She is the current national swing fiddle champion.

In addition to her red-hot fiddling, Glassman is an expressive songwriter and singer. Her songs explore modern emotional landscapes with sensitivity and wit, while still providing the band a platform to showcase their instrumental virtuosity. Katie Glassman and Snapshot play timeless music with a modern sensibility.