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Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest is almost upon us! Prepare for an awesome and fashionable festival weekend with our fashion tips and “bring this, not that” list. 

What to bring:

Fanny pack or small backpack

Fanny packs are back in style, especially in festival fashion! They are convenient and come in a variety of styles. Small backpacks are also great for festivals, as they are easier to carry than a purse and have more space. Just remember that your backpack, purse, fanny pack, or murse (man purse, as modeled by Zack Galifianakis above) will be searched at the entrance to Mountain Avenue venue, so make sure you aren’t carrying something from the “do not bring” list!


Looking like a lobster has never been in style. Prevent a sunburn with a travel sized sunscreen and remember to reapply! 

Water bottle

Staying hydrated will keep you going all festival weekend. There are several water stations from the City of Fort Collins placed around festival grounds where you can fill up. The Cupboard has a wide selection of fun and colorful water bottles to choose from. 

Sunglasses and a hat

Colorado is known for its sunny days, which calls for sunglasses and/or a hat. You’ll protect yourself from UV rays and better see the bands without the sun in your eyes. TOPO Designs has a great selection of sunglasses and hats.

Breathable clothing

Sweat can ruin any outfit. Keep the air flowing with lightweight clothing like a cotton tank top from Akinz

Rain jacket (just in case!)

We are afraid that even mentioning It-That-Must-Not-Be-Named (rain) will bring about its presence at the festival. While we hope for sunny, storm-free days, you can never be too prepared! JAX Mercantile has lightweight rain jackets that can be folded up and be stuffed in a purse or bag. 

What not to bring:


You are welcome to wear marijuana themed clothing (if that’s your style), but don’t bring the actual thing. Living in a state with legalized marijuana comes with its highs and lows (pun intended!) – yes its legal, but you can’t use it and bring it everywhere. Legal and illegal drugs are not allowed at the festival.

no shooters


Please don’t fill your cool fanny pack with alcohol from outside the festival. There are plenty of alcohol options inside festival grounds, but outside alcohol will be confiscated. We are not liable for tears you may shed while you watch your alcohol be thrown away.  

Selfie sticks

Selfies are a great way to document your festival outfit, but selfie sticks aren’t the way to do it and aren’t allowed at the festival. This year, however, there is a selfie station where you can take a selfie the old fashioned way or have someone else take a photo for you. The selfie station has a beautiful backdrop and can be used during CD signings to take a photo with a band (use #FoCoMusic in your post!). Sounds like profile picture material to us!

selfie stick meme