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Chris Daniels and the Kings - Get Ready to Get Down!


Chris Daniels and the Kings are not messing around. They are already armed with a full on assault of sound from the amazing band, but then they have to go and one up us by bringing the incredible Freddi Gowdy for their Thursday Night Live performance this week! That's right, the party is about to get rowdier (if that's even possible?!?!) Known for their horn driven Funk n' Roll blues sound, their goal is to have everyone dancing at every show. In case you didn't know, Chris Daniels is kind of a big deal. He's been performing internationally since the early 80s with music featured in video, TV and radio around the world.  In 2013, he was nominated for a Grammy and inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. We are so excited to welcome Chris Daniels and the Kings with Freddi Gowdy to TNL on Thursday June 29th from 7 PM - 9 PM in Old Town Square. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes for this must see performance!!